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The International Hormone Society (IHS)

Possibly the third most important endocrine society for physicians in the world, with over 3,000 members in more than 80 countries, the IHS organizes training seminars globally.

Aims of the International Hormone Society

The IHS has two major aims. One is to raise public awareness about the importance and availability of hormone therapies and physicians specialized in the treatment of hormone deficiencies or excesses. The second goal is to work within the medical community to increase the profile of “pro-aging medicine” in the various medical specialties.

Specific goals

There is a need for a medical society that focuses on the correction of childhood and adult endocrine deficiencies and excesses. There is also a clear demand for a scientific society able to collect and summarize all available data on the safe use of advanced hormone therapies, including the most advanced and progressive applied hormone therapies for adults.

The IHS provides physicians and other health professionals with scientific and practical information on adult hormone-related diagnosis and therapy as well as information on the most advanced and progressive applied hormone therapies. The IHS collects, summarizes and publishes reviews and other scientific data on the safe use of hormone therapies for adults in order to minimize aging. The IHS provides a forum for health professionals to exchange practical information, discuss scientific research and debate theoretical knowledge-based guidelines of recommended safe diagnostic and therapeutic methodology. The IHS is also the meeting place for the professional science-based defense of their work in the field of hormone therapies.

IHS aims at promoting the use of hormone therapy for the correction of adult hormone deficiencies and imbalances to alleviate aging effects and increase the quality of life, health, and longevity of aging adults. Our target audience includes physicians, patients, the general public and the media.

Become a Member

Membership and participation in the seminars and symposia organized by the his provides you with updates on the latest developments such as measures to increase the safety of hormone therapies, methods for personalizing treatments or the newest techniques in hormone therapies. Membership is free.