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Achieve Excellence on Hormone & Nutritional therapies

Dear students and colleagues,

Hertoghe Medical School (HMS) would like to announce that the school is offering new courses online.

The new courses are an effort of Dr Hertoghe and Hertoghe Medical School to improve the quality of education at HMS on hormone and nutritional therapies.

The new courses are a result of Dr Hertoghe’s excellent know-how on hormones about competing with global standards.

It is Dr Hertoghe’s way of advancing medical education and ensuring that HMS students acquire excellence in hormone therapies.

The new HMS courses are:

Remember that we do have available in Spanish the Postgraduate EBHT | Pack de inicio

We enjoin everyone qualified to enrol in the new courses.

Dr. Hertoghe hopes that these new courses will help you advance your career and also achieve excellence in your career and in your consultation.

We wish everyone the best in their career and studies!


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