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WEB MAY 03 | Free Webinar Cardio & Cerebrovascular Disorders: (Cycle 2 – Module 6)

On May 3rd, I am organizing a Free Webinar Cardio & Cerebrovascular Disorders: Lipid disorder – Cardiac disease – Stroke, etc. (Cycle 2 – Module 6).

8 p.m. Brussels time, 2 p.m. New York

This will be my occasion to introduce you to one of my modules of our Postgraduate Program: Evidence-Based Hormone Therapy. This e-learning training is strongly evidence-based, updated, practical, and highly interactive through prerecorded videos and webinars. The free webinar on the 3rd of May will be your perfect event to have a sneak peek of what I teach in this program. In the meantime, feel free to check out the page of the program here.

We will have the pleasure of inviting Dr. De Lorgeril as a guest speaker. He is a French physician and international expert in epidemiology and methodology of medical sciences, author of hundreds of scientific publications in the fields of preventive medicine, epidemiology, and physiology.

You will learn a lot on Hormone Therapies for:
+ Dyslipidemia
+ Atherosclerosis
+ Arterial hypertension
+ Thrombosis, hemorragia, and other bleeding disorders
+ Cardiac arrhythmia and heart failure
+ Stroke
And so much more.

This webinar introduces our new module on “Cardiovascular diseases and stroke: fascinating effects on Hormone therapies”. This the 7th module of my Cycle 2 program, part of my “Postgraduate: Evidence-Based Hormone Therapy” program!

Don’t miss it. Save the date! Register here

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