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Evidence-Based Hormone Therapy Workshop: Thyroid, Testosterone, Oxytocin, And Melatonin Treatments

“An Exceptionally In-Depth And Updated Hormone Therapy Training For All Physicians (From The Beginner To The Highly Advanced Physician)”

There is always a lot more to learn with Dr. Hertoghe. This hormone therapy workshop is a can’t miss event. Are you ready to transform your patients’ hormonal health? Join Dr. Thierry Hertoghe– a world-renowned aging and hormonal health expert– at this advanced hormone therapy workshop taking place on August 21 & 22 in Orlando. With an acute focus on effective and targeted hormonal therapy, this workshop will provide in-depth training and knowledge on clinical topics such as testosterone, thyroids, melatonin, oxytocin, and more–while examining the intertwined influence hormones have on overall health. Strategically designed for all practitioners– from the beginner to the highly advanced–this workshop will equip clinicians with adaptable and results-oriented action plans ready to be put into practice upon return home.

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