• Examination – Board Certification in Anti-Aging Medecine

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      The Board Certification in Anti-Aging Medicine is the official basic certification for physicians of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM), which has over 8,000 member physicians.

    • View a FREE online video course

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      • NEW: View a short online video course - 0.00 

      Now you can watch a free online video course to see how it works. Our online school is providing video courses based on PowerPoint presentations next to a small window featuring a lecture by Dr Hertoghe himself. This format creates a kind of animation, as if you were attending the seminar in person. Participants can watch the videos online at their convenience  from any location and at any time. It's really simple, totally free and without any engagement!  Click on the subject you want below:

    • Herbal & Functional Food Therapies

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