Female Hormone Therapies in Women & Men

How to safely apply estrogen and progesterone hormone therapy not only to postmenopausal women, but also to younger premenopausal women and men of all ages:

  • Symptoms, physical signs (with many pictures of patients), diagnosis of female hormone deficiency.
  • Age-related diseases favored by female hormone deficiencies
  • How and why to treat women, even those with regular menstrual cycle: Doses, excess signs, side effects, safety guidelines, follow-up.
  • How to reinstall a menstrual cycle with female hormones in postmenopausal women with or without breast cancer.
  • The real facts in female hormone therapy controversies.
  • How to talk on the fear of cancer from HRT to patients and their physicians.
  • Solving various female hormone therapy problems.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of estradiol deficiency in men.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of progesterone deficiency in men.


Gain insight into how to safely and efficiently treat female hormone deficiency in women of all ages, as well as in men. Indispensable information for physicians who treat with hormone therapies, including to correct the frequently occurring female hormone deficiency in women. Unique information on female hormone deficiency and treatment in men.




  1. Safe female hormone therapy in pre- and postmenopausal women
  2. HRT problems How to solve Avoiding hirsutism with androgens, Amyotrophic sclerosis lateralis
  3. Menstrual HRT cycling in women with or without breast cancer part 1 Conrad Hicks
  4. Menstrual HRT cycling in women with or without breast cancer part 2 Conrad Hicks
  5. Bio-identical female hormones for birth control
  6. How to talk about the fear of cancer from HRT to patients and physicians
  7. Estradiol deficiency and treatment in men
  8. Progesterone therapy in Men part 1
  9. Progesterone therapy in Men part 2


The A-to-Z on how to administer female hormone therapies in females and males

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  • Reference: H012.