Testosterone Therapy in Men & Women – Estradiol Therapy in Men

How to safely administer testosterone in men and women of all ages, especially in younger individuals with mild deficiency. Information is provided on:

  • Symptoms, physical signs (with many pictures of patients) and diagnosis of testosterone deficiency.
  • Age-related diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases that are favored by androgen deficiencies.
  • Facts that show testosterone does not favor prostate cancer.
  • Studies showing testosterone deficiency with apparent “normal” lab tests that are within the reference range of men and women; invalidity of androgen laboratory tests.
  • Testosterone treatment of men and women: doses, route of administration, excess signs, side effects, follow-up.
  • Boosting sexual potency in men and women with testosterone: The difference with other hormones.


Gain insight into how to safely and efficiently treat testosterone deficiency in men and women of all ages. Indispensable information for physicians who treat patients with hormone therapies, including to correct the frequently occurring testosterone deficiency.




  1. Testosterone deficiency and treatment of men
  2. Testosterone and diabetes, obesity Malcolm Carruthers
  3. Boosting sexual potency in men with testosterone
  4. Testosterone and prostate cancer risk Invalidity of testo assays
  5. Testosterone deficits with serum testosterone within reference range in men
  6. Testosterone treatment in men Malcolm Carruthers
  7. Testosterone treatment problems How to treat
  8. Aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors
  9. Testosterone treatment in women Hertoghe, Testosterone physiology
  10. Testosterone deficits with serum testosterone within reference range in women and DOUBLE men
  11. Boosting sexual potency in women with testosterone


The A-to-Z on how to administer testosterone therapy in males and females

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