Thyroid deficiency & Treatment

All about thyroid deficiency and treatment:

  • The impact of thyroid deficiency on health.
  • Physiology of thyroid hormones.
  • Symptoms, physical signs (with many pictures of patients) and laboratory tests of hypothyroidism.
  • Studies showing hypothyroidism with tests within reference range.
  • Thyroid therapy: products, doses, best route of administration, how to improve the balance of a hormone supplement with other hormones in the body, overdose signs, side effects, safety guidelines, how to follow up.
  • The difference between therapy with thyroxin alone and thyroid treatments that contain T3 and thyroxin.
  • Thyroid therapy problem-solving.


Gain insight into safe and efficient thyroid therapy. Some unique information on its greater efficacy and on the thyroid hormone levels at which hypothyroidism starts. Useful to indispensable information for physicians who treat with hormone therapies, including to correct the frequently occurring thyroid deficiency.




  1. Thyroid impact on age-related diseases
  2. Thyroid Diagnosis signs, symptoms of hypothyroidism Benoît Claeys
  3. Studies showing hypothyroidism with tests within reference range
  4. Thyroid therapy problem solving


Safely and efficiently treat hypothyroidism from the mildest to the most severe degrees

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  • Reference: H010.