Hormone Therapy Consultation: Extensive

How to practice hormone therapy in the office:

  • Collect medical history and other data due to hormone dysfunctions.
  • Complete an extensive physical examination to detect physical signs of hormone dysfunctions, also useful in follow-up.
  • Choose the best laboratory tests to screen for hormone and nutritional deficiencies or excess.
  • Interpret the clinical and laboratory data to diagnose what is deficient (or excessive) and what is not.
  • Start and follow up hormone therapies.
  • Look for the right things in the follow-up.
  • Answer difficult questions from patients and their physicians.
  • Perform many other hormone therapy consultation duties.


Gain A-to-Z information for diagnosis and treatment of hormone deficiencies and imbalances. Essential information for physicians who frequently prescribe hormone therapies.




  1. Endocrine system – a review
  2. Anamnesis part 1
  3. Anamnesis part 2
  4. Anamnesis part 3
  5. Anamnesis part 4
  6. Physical exam part
  7. Physical exam part 2
  8. Lab tests Hormone therapies
  9. Patient and colleague questions
  10. Famous endocrinologists and anti-aging therapists


Set up a successful hormone therapy consultation

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  • Reference: H001.