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About us

Why I created the Hertoghe Medical School?

The aim is to provide essential and unique information for physicians regarding:

  • All the medical therapies that slow down and possibly even reverse aging.
  • The more than 40 hormone therapies including all the major ones.

This information is heavily needed by physicians and their patients and hardly ever found anywhere else.

What information is provided in the anti-aging medicine courses?

Information on how to slow down and even reverse aging by psychological and dietetic improvement, nutritional and hormone supplements, pollutant avoidance and detoxifications, stem cell therapies, personalized treatments based on gene checks, spa cures, etc. also information on the epidemiology, mechanisms and physiology of senescence (pathological) aging,  and on how to measure aging (biological age measurement). Information on centenarians: incidence, psychological attitudes, diet, nutritional and hormonal status, etc. and many more often practical tips on how to do it is given.

The aim is that physicians who register should after each course be able to introduce safely new and efficient anti-aging medical therapies in their office.

What information is provided in the hormone therapy courses?

Information on how to correct hormone deficiencies and other endocrine dysfunctions by more than 40 different hormone therapies including all the major ones: Thyroid, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, Cortisol, Aldosterone/Fludrocortisone, Melatonin, Vasopressin, Oxytocin, MSH-derivatives, Growth Hormone, IGF-1, Thymosine-alpha-1, EPO, HCG, and many more. Also information on all the factors (daylight-nighttime darkness, diet, nutrients, ambient air conditions, psychological attitudes, etc.) that may increase or reduce hormone levels, and that when improved, optimize the endogenous hormone productions and improve the efficacy of the hormone treatment.

The aim is that Physicians who register should after each course be able to safely introduce new and efficient hormone therapies in their office.

How did I do the Hertoghe Medical School?

  • It is mostly an internet-based Medical School that provides online video courses with PowerPoint presentations next to the speaker’s video, which can be viewed. This creates animation as if you were attending a seminar in person. The videos can thus be viewed in the office or at home.
  • Next to these online videos, there are several days every year of seminar in a conference room that registrants can attend and where they can meet the speaker(s). Videos of the majority of these live on stage seminars exist so that participants who want to do a full curriculum through internet/video – viewing can do it.

What is unique in the Hertoghe Medical School?

The Hertoghe Medical School provides to the registrant next to extensive and rarely available anywhere else information on how to practically attenuate and reverse aging, or correct hormone dysfunctions, the scientific studies that justify the treatments, making physicians able to avoid getting into trouble with medical boards and other institutions, and face them strongly if ever some problems occur.

Many registrants who have been to many other conferences and attend online courses say that the level of information provided by the Hertoghe Medical School is outstanding.

The dream behind the Hertoghe Medical School

We are all living in a fantastic period of mankind with medical progresses that 30 years ago we would never have dreamed of; increasing the quality of life, improving health and delaying diseases, aging and in correcting hormone dysfunctions.

The dream of the Hertoghe Medical School is to educate as many physicians as possible from all over the world to master these anti-aging and hormone therapy therapies and techniques so that the School contributes to the occurrence that these more natural, perhaps more efficient and safer techniques will become accessible to patients everywhere in the world.

The Hertoghe Medical School searches to create a model of education in these medical therapies.



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