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Fellowships, Certifications and Examinations by HMS

Fellowships, Certifications, and Examinations by HMS, WOSAAM & IHS


Physicians of all medical disciplines can train in Hormone Therapy, Longevity and Quality of Life, Nutritional Medicine Therapies, and/or Anti-Aging Medicine through Dr. Hertoghe Medical School’s e-learning medical educational programs.


Being e-learning training programs, physicians can choose between different options depending on their needs, the time they have, the how in-depth information they want to receive: The Complete Fellowships (HTS & AAMS), The Short Training Programs (AHTC & AAAC), and The Wosaam Board Certifications (Longevity and Quality of Life Therapies | Anti-Aging and Nutritional Medicine Therapy).


Find the list of all the World Society Anti-Aging Medicine (Wosaam) & International Hormone Society (IHS) certified physicians all around the world.

NB: Not all the physicians are listed.


Download List of certified physicians Here

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