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World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM)

World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine WosaamBacked by its 7,900 members, the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) has quickly become one of the fastest-growing anti-aging medicine societies in the world.

Aims of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

The main aim of this Brussels-based non-profit organization is to promote anti-aging medicine through research and educational events targeted both at physicians and at the general public. The society, founded by and for physicians, associates its name with major Anti-Aging scientific congresses all over the world.

Specific Goals

It is the belief of the WOSAAM board of directors that the best strategy to advance anti-aging medicine is through its endorsement by medical doctors who are competent in the administration of safe, evidenced-based anti-aging therapies.


World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) has quickly become the World Fastest growing Anti-Aging Medicine Society.

The main goal of this non-profit organization, created and located in Paris, is to promote anti-aging medicine through research and educational events for physicians and the general public.

The society is predominantly formed by and for physicians. It is the belief of the society’s Board of Directors that the best way for anti-aging medicine to advance is by the endorsement of medical doctors competent in administering safe, evidenced based anti-aging therapeutics.

Representing all continents WOSAAM’s Board of Directors consists of the following members :
President Thierry Hertoghe, MD (Belgium)
Honorary President Dr. Walter Pierpaoli
Vice-President USA Suzie Schuder, MD (USA)
Vice President Europe Christophe De Jaeger, MD (France)
Vice President Asia Deby Susanti Vinski (Indonesia)
Vice-President Central and South America Dr. Italo Rachid (Brazil)
General Secretary Marie-Christine Lhermitte (Belgium)
Treasurer Marie-Francois (Belgium)
International Scientific advisory Board ::
David MC CHAN, MD University of British Colombia (Canada)
Anoop CHATURVEDI, MD Anti-Aging Medicine And Research (India)
Claude CHAUCHARD, MD Asia Pacific advisor (Hong Kong)
Walter KING, Prof. Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mario KRAUSE, MD Medical Spa Scientific Director (Germany)
Ascanio POLIMENI, Prof. Italian Academy of Anti-aging Medicine
Deby SUSHANTI Indonesian Institute of Anti-aging medicine (Indonesia)
Ronald VIRAG, MD Cardiologist Surgeon
Toshikasu YOSHIKAWA, Prof. Japanese Society of Anti-aging Medicine
Stefan ZGLICZYNCKI, Prof. Polish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Become a WOSAAM Board Certified physician in Anti-Aging Medicine ::

In order to expand this knowledge and to offer physicians appropriate scientifically established certifications, WOSAAM recommends two Board Certification Examinations: one in Anti-Aging Medicine and one in Nutritional Medicine.

 Major national and International societies have already joined the World Society.
WOSAAM is associated with major worldwide Anti-Aging scientific congresses. 
Become a WOSAAM Board Certified physician:
The WOSAAM – World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, is considered as the fastest growing scientific Society representing today over 7200 physicians from 120 nations in the clinical specialty of anti-aging medicine (Preventive, Longevity, Well ageing and Aesthetic medicine).
In view to expand this knowledge and offer to the physician appropriate scientific qualification, the WOSAAM proposes two Board Certification Examinations.
Your position as a WOSAAM Board Certified will enhance your status in the eyes of your patients and colleagues with a titled position in a major international scientific society.
Register to the WOSAAM Board Certification and receive the learning material (Books, scientific publications, Audio and Videos) to prepare the examination.
Previous to the exam (usually one or two days) an expert will present a 3 hours Review on the main topics of the certification.
The ESSENTIAL REASONS for you as a physician to get your board certification
  Any licensed MD can qualify.

Each MD who obtains the board certification will get clearly and correctly informed on anti-aging or nutritional therapies depending on the board certification they do, sufficiently to start doing anti-aging or nutritional therapy and avoid any major errors => first step in becoming an expert. To many physicians the information will be interesting.

  The board certification has a protective value in case of litigations from medical boards or civil courts

The textbook of the documentation itself contains strong updated scientific references and greatly helps you to scientifically justify the anti-aging treatments you prescribe.

You as a physician get an official board certification by the leading international anti-aging medical society in the world.

  The board certification can be obtained with a limited amount of time:-

The study of the educational material (1 to 6 days of studying depending on your knowledge and experience in this field).

  The attendance to a 3 hour review course, plus and 3 hours of exam.

Become a WOSAAM member

By becoming a member, physicians are entitled to the support of WOSAAM experts should any complicated or legal situation derived from their anti-aging practices arise. WOSAAM membership is free.



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