Cycle 2 – Module 1 : The Hormone Consultation

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Postgraduate e-learning - Cycle 2 | Dr Hertoghe


Cycle 2 - Module 1 - The Hormone Consultation

The first module consists of 7 courses (15h56), along with 2 additional pieces of learning material.  These cover all the necessary information for conducting an accurate hormone consultation, including patient complaints, physical examinations, laboratory tests, hormone treatments, and, follow-up consultations.


Postgraduate Program - Cycle 1 & 2

Welcome to the first module of the second cycle of my postgraduate training! I am very happy you have registered again for this new cycle. In this module, I shall teach you everything on hormone consultations.

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: The content of this course is confidential. It is made available to you, the student, solely for the purpose of becoming certified in the technical area assessed by this module. You are expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting any part or the whole of this course in any form or by any means, whether verbal, written, electronic, or mechanical, for any purpose without prior written permission from Dr. Hertoghe, the Hertoghe Medical School.

By starting this course, you indicate your consent to and imply your full agreement with these terms.


Please find your lessons below:

Module 1 – Lecture 1 – Hormone consultation and actual complaints

Module 1 – Lecture 2 – Physical exam (part 1)

Module 1 – Lecture 3 – Physical exam (part 2)

Module 1 – Lecture 4 – Laboratory tests

Module 1 – Lecture 5 – Hormone treatments (part 1)

Module 1 – Lecture 6 – Hormone treatments (part 2)

Module 1 – Lecture 7 – Hormone consultation follow-up

Module 1 – Extra Learning Material “Patient Cases”

Module 1 – Extra Learning Material “Patient and colleagues questions”



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