Module 8 – Testosterone Supplementation in Men

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Module 8 - Testosterone Supplementation in Men

The eighth module consists of 4 lectures (9h45) that detail the diagnosis, nutritional and hormonal treatment options for testosterone deficiency in men, along with scientific insights into genital cancers. Spanish subtitles are available for these courses.


Postgraduate e-learning - Cycle 1



Please find your lessons below:

Module 8 – Lecture 1 -Testosterone deficiency in men: diagnosis and nutritional treatment

Module 8 – Lecture 2 – Testosterone deficiency in men: Treatments

Module 8 – Lecture 3 – Adjustments of testosterone therapy to disease in men

Module 8 – Lecture 4 – Genital cancers and male hormones in men: Management, scientific facts – Dr. Morgentaler



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