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Dr Hertoghe’s Vision

Dr  Hertoghe’s vision is to offer physicians and to healthcare professionals the best possible training in hormone and reversing ageing therapies.

In that way, patients from all over the world get access everywhere to hormone and nutritional therapies. And  Dr Hertoghe has also the vision that one day, human ageing has become curable and avoidable.


Why Dr Hertoghe created the Dr Hertoghe Medical School (HMS)?

The Hertoghe Medical School aims to provide essential and unique information for physicians regarding:

  • all the medical therapies that slow down and possibly even reverse ageing.
  • the more than 40 hormone therapies, including all the major ones.

Such information is urgently needed by physicians and their patients and is hardly found anywhere else.


What kind of information is provided in HMS’s anti-aging medicine courses?

Dr Hertoghe Medical School’s anti-aging medicine courses provide information on how to slow down and even reverse aging. By using psychological and dietetic improvements, nutritional and hormone supplements, pollutant avoidance and detoxifications, stem cell therapies, personalized treatments based on gene checks, spa cures, etc.

HMS’s students are also granted access to crucial knowledge on the epidemiology, mechanisms and physiology of senescence (pathological) aging, and on methods to measure aging (biological age measurement).

Useful data on centenarians (incidence, psychological attitudes, diet, nutritional and hormonal status, etc.) and many more practical tips complete our courses.


The aim is that after completing each course, physicians should be able to safely introduce new and efficient anti-aging medical therapies in their consultation and medical clinic.


What kind of information is provided in the hormone therapy courses?

These courses focus on how to correct hormone deficiencies and other endocrine dysfunctions using more than 40 different hormone therapies including all the major ones: Thyroid, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, Cortisol, Aldosterone/Fludrocortisone, Melatonin, Vasopressin, Oxytocin, MSH-derivatives, Growth Hormone, IGF-1, Thymosin-alpha-1, EPO, HCG and many more. Moreover, all the factors (daylight-nighttime darkness, diet, nutrients, ambient air quality, psychological attitudes, etc.) that may increase or reduce hormone levels are reviewed. The improvement of such factors optimizes endogenous hormone production, thereby improving the efficacy of hormonal treatments.


The aim is that after completing each course, physicians should be able to safely introduce new and efficient hormone therapies in their practices.


What is the format of the Hertoghe Medical School?

  • The Hertoghe Medical School is mostly an internet-based medical school providing online video courses based on PowerPoint presentations next to a small window featuring a lecture by a  speaker. This format creates a sort of animation as if you were attending the seminar in person. Participants can watch the videos online at their convenience/from any location and at any time.
  • Besides these online video courses, the Hertoghe Medical School organizes annually face-to-face seminars in a conference room allowing participants to meet the speaker(s). For those participants who want to do a full curriculum through internet/video – viewing, videos of the majority of these live on-stage seminars are available.


What makes Hertoghe Medical School unique?

The Hertoghe Medical School provides registrants with unique and comprehensive information on how to practically attenuate and reverse aging, or correct hormone dysfunctions. These practical training contents are backed by the scientific studies that justify such treatments, providing physicians with the appropriate tools to avoid getting into trouble with medical boards and other institutions or to face them soundly should any problems arise.

According to many registrants who have attended online courses or participated in conferences,  the level of information provided by the Hertoghe Medical School is outstanding.


The dream behind the Hertoghe Medical School

We are living through an amazing period of mankind with medical progress that only 30 years ago we would never have dreamed of, including astonishing advances in the quality of life, improvements in health, the delay of ageing and diseases or the correction of hormone dysfunctions.

The dream envisioned by the Hertoghe Medical School is to educate as many physicians as possible around the world to master these anti-aging and hormone correction therapies and techniques, thereby contributing to making more natural, perhaps more efficient, and safer techniques available and accessible to patients across the globe.


Dr Hertoghe Medical School (HMS) seeks to create a model for e-learning (online) medical education in these medical therapies.


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