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Basic Hormone Therapy | BHT – IHS Diploma

Basic Hormone Therapy | BHT – IHS Diploma by Dr. Hertoghe Medical School


The Basic Hormone Therapy Diploma is a short training program organized by the International Hormone Society and confirms a physician’s deeper knowledge of 15 hormone therapies. Excellent to start well with hormone diagnoses and therapies, acquire useful scientific knowledge, and proceed with safety and know-how in hormone therapies.



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The fee for the Basic Hormone Therapy Diploma is €3500, and consists of:

| Learning material: €3000

| Examination fees: €500 to take the exam (In case of failure: €250 to repass the exam)


Why should you as a physician get the Basic Hormone Therapy Diploma?

+ To learn the basic scientific information and practical know-how in 15 hormone therapies. Get specific information on how to start your hormone therapy consultation, optimize hormone levels, treat with more than 15 hormones, cure and prevent diseases, etc.

+ To get you an official certification for your medical skills in hormone therapy, acknowledged by the International Hormone Society (IHS) and its president Dr. Thierry Hertoghe.

+ To raise enthusiasm: it is a pleasure for physicians to feel they master the basic and many of the advanced skills in Hormone Therapy.

+ To join the movement of more than 2500 physicians of the International Hormone Society; the IHS community.


Conditions for the Basic Hormone Therapy Diploma

4 Essential conditions

1. Register here

2. Payment of 3500 euros (Payment possible by bank transfer or Paypal)

3. University medical doctor’s license/diploma or registration in the medical board: Copy to send to office@hertoghe.eu

4. Exam: 60% or more of the points must be obtained to pass the exam successfully.


Contains 15 online video courses

For further information and/or query, you are welcome to send an e-mail to: 

📩 medschool@hertoghe.eu
📲 WhatsApp: +352 621 204 289


Contact us to get in-depth information about the advanced training programs and to register for them.

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