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Hormone Therapy Certification


Under the control of the International Hormone Society (IHS, 3000 physicians).


With this short program, learn the basic scientific information and practical know-how in hormone therapies. Get specific information on how: to start your hormone therapy consultation, optimize hormone levels, treat with more than 15 hormones, cure and prevent diseases, bone hormone therapies

Contains 15 online video courses.

Additional Examination Fees

To take the exam (HTS, AHTC, AAMS or AAAC): 500 €

In case of failure, to retake the exam:  250 €

For whom

For physicians starting with hormone therapies.

Admission Criteria

1. A medical University degree as a physician

2. Other health-professionals may attend upon request and acceptance by the scientific committee.

3. Exams for HTS (Hormone Therapy Specialty) & AHTC (Advanced Hormone Therapy Certification) programs: Any physician, who is licensed to prescribe hormone therapies, including general practitioners (GP), can be admitted to attend the courses. Other healthcare professionals can also be accepted upon approval by the supervising board. Please note that in order to be admitted to the exam, candidates must be in possession of a government-approved license to treat hormone dysfunctions.

4. Applicants should be free from significant disciplinary on-going sanctions or restrictions.

5. Payment of all Fees

6. Acquisition of 100% of the learning materials (online video courses or attendance to the seminars) (HTS, AAMS, AAAC, ATHC).



1. Purchase the learning material and review the content at your own rhythm (we do not impose any timing).

2. When you feel ready to take the exam, kindly contact the team at medschool@hertoghe.eu and organize a date with them. Note that you will need to come to the clinic in Brussels to take the exam.

3. Send us your medical diploma (to the above e-mail address).

4. You will have 2 hours to complete a multiple-choice questionnaire.

5. You will receive your results by email within five business days.

6. A certificate will be sent to you after successfully completing the exam either by the post or by e-mail (in pdf format).

7. If you fail your exam, and upon payment of a reduced fee (500 euros), you can retake the exam up to a maximum of three times.


Contact us to get in-depth information about the advanced training programs and to register for them.

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