The Hormone Handbook by Dr. Hertoghe (EN)

The Hormone Handbook reviews in detail the 18 most essential hormone therapies.


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The famous internationally acclaimed bestseller on practical hormone therapy for physicians—a must for every specialist and healthcare professional.


This international practical hormone therapy bestseller for physicians reviews the 18 most important hormone therapies in detail. The second half of the book contains extensive lists of scientific references for applying each hormone therapy to mind, body, disease and lifespan, including references to the major controversies.

🩺🛠️A valuable tool  for physicians willing to:

  • discover the best methods and products to treat hormone deficiencies.
  • solve problems that may occur during hormone treatment.
  • find the best lists of references to justify the use of these therapies or to gain control in scientific controversies and debates.
  • obtain medical board justification for the use of each of these hormone therapies.

Gain comprehensive knowledge regarding the supplementation of these hormones:
+ Melatonin
+ Growth hormone in adults
+ Oxytocin
+ Vasopressin
+ Thyroid
+ Calcitonin
+ Parathormone
+ IGF-1
+ Cortisol and glucocorticoids
+ DHEA and androstenedione
+ Pregnenolone
+ Aldosterone
+ Insulin
+ Estrogen and progesterone in women
+ Testosterone in women
+ Testosterone in men
+ Progesterone in men



The international practical hormone therapy bestseller for physicians on the 18 most important hormone therapies.

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