IHS +| Board Certification in Hormone Therapy – Online Examination

The unique international evidence-based basic hormone therapy training to help get a deep insight into the 14 most important hormones.


The IHS Board Certification in Hormone Therapy is our internationally renowned Hertoghe examination that improved the knowledge and skills of thousands of physicians.

NB: From now on, the exam can be taken online and from home. No more need to travel, it can be taken whenever and wherever the physician wants to. Nevertheless, it is still possible to take the exam at the clinic, we are more than happy to welcome any physician who wishes to take it on our premises. Please contact medschool@hertoge.eu to set a date.

Advantages obtained from the Board Certification in Hormone Therapy:

  • An official accredited certification by Dr Thierry Hertoghe and the International Hormone Society
  • Deep knowledge of the 14 most frequent and important hormone deficiencies: melatonin, thyroidestrogen & progesterone, testosterone in men & women, DHEA, cortisol & glucocorticoids, pregnenolonealdosterone & fludrocortisone, oxytocin, vasopressin, and growth hormone in adults.
  • Joining the movement of more than 2500 physicians in the International Hormone Society (IHS) community.

To prepare for the exam, check the books The Hormone Handbook and The Atlas of Endocrinology for Hormone Therapy. To purchase the learning material, kindly visit this page.


Examination fees*€1500 to take the exam. €500 to retake the exam in case of failure. (The exam fee does not include the learning material)

 * VAT excluded