Diet: Healthy & Toxic Drinks

Scientific and practical information about what the best drinks are to improve health and which ones to avoid:

  • Healthy drinks
  • Water: Body water composition, daily needs, beneficial effects on health, performance, and in reducing the development of obesity, cardiovascular disease, various cancers and many other diseases, mortality reduction, illustrated with the scientific studies that show these beneficial effects.
  • Deuterium-depleted water to improve health and reduce cancer risk and progression.
  • Toxic drinks such as alcohol, caffeinated beverages (tea, cola, coffee), soft drinks, polluted tap water: The scientific reports, the adverse effects of these drinks on health, including disease promotion and reduction or increase in hormone levels,


Gain basic insight into how drinks affect health and hormone levels. Fundamental dietary knowledge for the physician and his patients for full efficacy of anti- or pro-aging medical therapies.




  1. Water, disease preventive and longevity effects
  2. Toxic drinks for our hormones


The drinks that improve health or worsen it

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