Diet: Protein-, Carbohydrate- & Fat-rich Foods

After a short overview of the therapies or interventions that are possible in anti-aging or lifespan medicine, focus is put on the diet, the basis of the pyramid of these therapies. The video delivers information on healthy and unhealthy foods rich in macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Consuming the best types of them makes a huge health difference. The following foods are discussed, illustrated with pictures and abundant scientific research with graphics:

  • Protein-rich foods:
    • The healthiest ones: meat, fish, poultry.
    • Unhealthy foods rich in proteins: Any protein-rich food cooked at a high temperature (> 85 °C or 185°F) or in a fat (oil or butter), milk products (extensive information on the milk “paradox,” the controversy between milk promotion by food industry and government and the adverse effects of them reported by scientific research).
  • Carbohydrate-rich foods:
    • Healthy: Organic fruits (in particular with low sugar content), vegetables, fiber (but the fiber in cereals is not recommended), sprouted grains.
    • Unhealthy: Sugar, sweets such as chocolate, soft drinks, not-sprouted grains or cereals such as bread, pasta, muesli, porridge, biscuits, cakes, or any carbohydrate-rich foods containing traces of pesticides
  • Fat-rich foods:
    • Healthy fats, including foods rich in unprocessed cholesterol and omega-3
    • Unhealthy ones: Those containing trans fatty acids, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other fats due to overcooking, oxidation in open air.


Gain basic and scientific insight into which macronutrients to recommend to patients and how they should be prepared. Fundamental knowledge to be mastered by the physician and applied by patients in their diet for full efficacy of the anti- or pro-aging medical treatments.




  1. ABC of Lifespan or anti-aging medicine a review
  2. Healthy proteins meat fish poultry
  3. Unhealthy proteins created at high temperature cooking
  4. Milk products adverse effects on health or not
  5. Unhealthy milk products
  6. The milk paradox Thierry Souccar
  7. Healthy carbohydrates fruits, vegetables
  8. Grains cereals the controversy – bread, pasta, muesli adverse health effects
  9. Sprouted grains, the only edible grains
  10. Fibre, its effects on hormones
  11. Sugar, sweets, soft drinks ond other carbs adverse health effects
  12. Healthy and unhealthy fats, including cholesterol, omega-3 and trans fatty acids
  13. The cholesterol paradox, safer fat than we think


Choose the best health-stimulating macronutrients

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