Diet: Toxic Foods & Food Preparation

What foods are toxic for health and disturb hormone levels and how food should be prepared in order to improve health and not affect it negatively:

  • Toxic foods
    • Packaging contamination on food: chemical migration of compounds from the packaging into the food
    • Microbial contamination
    • Pesticides and additives in the food
  • Air or ground water pollution of the food: heavy metals, etc.
  • Toxic food preparation:
    • Deterioration of food by high temperature cooking
    • Use of cooking oils, etc.


Gain basic insight into how the wrong food choices and preparations can adversely affect health and hormone levels. Fundamental dietary knowledge for the physician and patients for full efficacy of anti- or pro-aging medical therapies and avoidance of cancer, digestive troubles and other disorders during the treatment.




  1. Toxic food


The foods and cooking that make people sick

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