Weight Loss Diets

Obesity and various weight loss diets and psychological approaches that lead to weight gain:

  • Statistics in leanness and overweight’s impact on disease and lifespan.
  • Diets to lose weight: Atkins, Paleolithic, South Beach, Montignac, Zone, vegetarian, high protein diets, etc.
  • Why do we always gain back the weight we lose?
  • Psychological attitudes behind obesity.
  • Diets of quick energy.


Know the differences in efficacy and safety of the most used weight loss programs. Useful knowledge for physicians who assist overweight patients with losing weight.




  1. Statistics in leanness and overweight Impact on disease and lifespan
  2. The world s heaviest people Thérèse Hertoghe
  3. Diets to lose weight Atkins, Paleolithic, South beach, Zone, Vegetarian, etc
  4. Why do we always gain back the weight we loose
  5. Psychological attitudes behind obesity
  6. Diets of quick energy


The A to Z on how to control weight with diets and improvement of psychological status

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