Hormone Level & Therapy Optimization

Hormone Level & Therapy Optimization

How to reduce decreases in hormone levels and improve hormone therapy efficacy indirectly by non-hormonal interventions such as:

  • Increasing light and darkness contrast
  • Improving diet
  • Improving attitudes
  • Reducing stress
  • Adapting physical activities
  • Increasing and improving sleep.

Additionally, the online video course Hormone Level & Therapy Optimization provides information on the potent life-extending and antioxidant capacities of numerous hormones such as growth hormone, sex hormones (including estradiol, a potent antioxidant), melatonin, and many other hormones.



Gain clear insight into how to optimize hormone levels with improvements in environmental, dietary, and physical-psychological conditions before starting any hormone treatment. Indispensable information for physicians who treat with hormone therapies.




  1. Aging of endocrine system part 1
  2. Aging of endocrine system part 2 – Physical exercise, light-darkness on hormones
  3. Free radicals Antioxidant hormones
  4. The optimal diet for hormone therapies Marie-Christine Lhermitte
  5. Psychological attitudes on hormone levels
  6. Stress effects on hormone levels
  7. Sleep & sleep deprivation on hormones Benoît Claeys
  8. Life span – hormones therapies to live longer


Optimize hormone levels by improving environmental, social, physical, lifestyle, psychological conditions

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