15 Major Hormone Therapies

The 15 Major Hormone Therapies

The most frequently prescribed hormone therapies, including growth hormone, MSH and MSH-like, oxytocin, vasopressin/desmopressin, melatonin, thyroid, calcitonin, IGF-1, cortisol/glucocorticoids, pregnenolone, DHEA, aldosterone/fludrocortisone, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone in men and women, on how to

  • detect hormone deficiencies,
  • recognize the typical symptoms and physical signs (with pictures of patients),
  • interpret the laboratory tests,
  • correct the deficits with hormone supplements.


Gain insight into how to diagnose and correct the most important hormone deficiencies – the 15 Major Hormone Therapies.

A good overview of the most usual hormone treatments before deepening each hormone treatment separately in further sessions. Indispensable information for physicians who treat with hormone therapies.




  1. Introduction to the major hormone treatments
  2. Thyroid treatment for mild and severe hypothyroidism with T3-T4, T4, or T3
  3. Estrogen and progesterone therapy in pre- and postmenopause
  4. Testosterone treatment of men
  5. Testosterone treatment of women
  6. DHEA therapy
  7. Cortisol-glucocorticoid therapies: Safe uses
  8. Aldosterone deficiency and its treatment
  9. Pregnenolone treatment
  10. Melatonin treatment
  11. Growth hormone treatment in adults
  12. Vasopressin deficiency – desmopressin treatment
  13. Oxytocin treatment
  14. MSH-like therapies
  15. IGF-1 therapy


A review of the most frequently prescribed and useful hormone therapies

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