Hormone Therapy Consultation: Basics

Hormone Therapy Consultation: Basics

After a short overview of the therapies or interventions that are possible in anti-aging or lifespan medicine, in-depth information on how to conduct a hormone therapy consultation and correct hormone deficiencies in patients, even the mildest ones:

  • Collecting information through questionnaires and interviews: medical history, lifestyle, diet, complaints, and other issues of the anamnesis.
  • Physical examination.
  • Laboratory tests: Which hormone tests and how to interpret them?
  • Testosterone, IGF-1, melatonin, and thyroid deficits with test levels within reference ranges.
  • Hormone treatments: A useful, more in-depth overview.
  • Frequent hormone therapy questions from physicians.



Gain basic insight into how to conduct a consultation aimed at hormone therapies. The minimal information for physicians who treat hormone deficiencies.




  1. Endocrine anamnesis, Questionnaires
  2. Endocrine physical exam, file part 1
  3. Endocrine physical exam, file part 2
  4. Hormone laboratory tests, treatment
  5. Testosterone, IGF-1, melatonin, and thyroid deficits with tests within reference ranges
  6. Frequent questions of physicians


Include hormone therapies in your anti-aging clinic

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