Pollution & Environmental Medicine

How and which outdoor and mostly indoor pollutants adversely affect health and how to avoid them and detoxify from them, with interventions from the leading international expert Dr. Jean Monro.

  • Indoor and outdoor pollution: The scientific evidence.
  • Pollutants: From plasticizers, wood preservatives, formaldehyde, and PCP to heavy metals (including dental amalgams) and electricity and ground radiation problems.
  • Laboratory tests
  • Strategies to avoid or reduce pollutants, including healthy alternatives (healthy floor/wall/, pollution eliminating devices, etc.) to improve home, office and outdoor pollution problems, chelation


Gain insight into how frequently and potently pollutants deteriorate health and what to recommend to patients to make their environment safer. Useful and even critical information for environment-conscious physicians who help their patients to improve their environment.




  1. Indoor, outdoor pollution Avoid, eliminate pollutants, lab tests, detox, dental amalgams
  2. Toxic world Implications on health Jean Monro
  3. Strategies to avoid pollutants Jean Monro


Survival guide-information to get out of the pollution that surrounds us

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