Life-Extending Peptides

Unique information on bio-regulating peptides by world-known professor Vladimir Khavinson, president of the European Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, pioneer in the discovery of organ-specific peptides, called “bioregulators,” which are made by the body and can reduce disease and mortality.

  • Epithalon/epithalamin, for example, which can reduce development of cancer and diabetes, mortality and reactivate telomerase.
  • Cytomedins (mixtures of several peptides isolated from organs): Thymalin, epithalamin, prostatilen, cortexin, retinalamin
  • Peptides (synthetic): Thymogen for improvement of the immune system, vilon for regeneration processes, livagen for liver function, pinealon for brain function, epitalon for endocrine system, bronchogen for the bronchopulmonary system, pancragen for the pancreas, cardiogen for the cardiovascular system.


Gain insight into which bioregulating peptide can improve the functioning of an organ or oppose the development of a disease. Useful information for each physician who wishes to supply safe adjuvant treatments to minimize aging and increase longevity.




  1. Epithalamin and pineal peptide therapies part 1 Vladimir Khavinson
  2. Peptide therapies to reduce illness, increase longevity part 2 Vladimir Khavinson


Bio-regulating peptides to improve organ function and extend life

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