Psychic Disorders: Nutritional Therapies

All about the treatment of neuropsychiatric disease with nutritional supplements.

  • Anxiety: Scientific evidence and tips on how to efficiently treat anxiety disorders with nutritional supplements.
  • Depression: Scientific evidence and tips on how to efficiently treat depressive disorders with nutritional supplements.
  • Memory loss: Nutritional supplements that work with corresponding scientific evidence.
  • Sleep disorders: The efficacy of several nutritional supplements, illustrated by various scientific studies.
  • Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders: Role of nutritional supplements.


Know how to relieve psychic disorders with nutritional supplements. Solid information for physicians who treat psychic disorders in their patients.




  1. ABC of lifespan medicine overview
  2. Anxiety Nutritional therapies
  3. Depression Nutritional therapies
  4. Memory loss Nutritional therapies Emar Vogelaar
  5. Sleep disorders Nutritional therapies Robert Trossel
  6. Nutritional therapies for obesity headaches irritability epilepsy ATDD Autism Pain
  7. Schizophrenia nutritional therapies


How to improve the mood, memory, sleep, and consciousness with nutritional supplements

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