Genital & Other Cancers: Nutritional Therapies

Which nutritional supplements may help prevent or slow down the development of prostate breast, cervix and ovarian cancers:

  • Scientific studies.
  • Efficient doses.
  • Indication of the most efficient nutrients.

Two preventive and therapeutic adjuvant treatments of cancer are explained:

  • Local application of sodium bicarbonate on the site of the tumor.
  • Drinking deuterium-depleted water (Deuterium is a hydrogen atom, which has, in addition to its one proton, a neutron, which roughly doubles the mass of the hydrogen atom. Deuterium accounts for approximately 0.0156% of all the naturally occurring hydrogen in the oceans.).


Gain insight into what can nutritionally be done to prevent or oppose the development of cancer. Useful information for physicians who search for new ways to increase safety of sex hormone treatments or who treat patients with cancer.




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  4. Micronutrient therapy of cervix and ovarian cancer
  5. Sodium bicarbonate treatment as adjuvant cancer therapy
  6. Deuterium free water cancer preventive Gabor Somylai
  7. How to talk about the fear of cancer from HRT to patients and physicians


The nutritional therapies that may help prevent and slow down cancer development

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