Senescence: Basics

After a short overview of the therapies or interventions that are possible in anti-aging or lifespan medicine, information on human senescence and its measurement and treatment:

  • Human senescence: Epidemiology, life expectancy now and in the future.
  • Lifespan medicine and the techniques that might extend lifespan.
  • Anti-aging medicine in children, and even in the fetus, by improving the pregnant mother’s condition.
  • Measurement of aging: Biological age, including atherosclerosis measurement.


Gain basic insight into human senescence. Essential information for each physician who treats aging persons and wishes to prevent, slow down and, whenever possible, to reverse aging.




  1. ABC of Lifespan or anti-aging medicine a review
  2. Human senescence and life expectancy
  3. Free radical theory of aging
  4. Lifespan epidemiology Marios Kyriazis
  5. Biological age measurement
  6. Atherosclerosis measurement with Doppler Phil Micans
  7. Measuring atherosclerosis by aortic wave velocity Phil Micans
  8. Prenatal and childhood anti-aging medicine
  9. Lifespan Medicine – Therapies to extend youth and lifespan


The ABCs of aging with prenatal & childhood anti-aging medicine

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  • Reference: A001.