Stem Cell Therapies

What is stem cell therapy, which stem cell therapies are already possible and which are still in research stage. The information makes it possible for physicians to personalize their recommendations to a patient’s needs.

  • Basics of stem cell therapy: What stem cells are, history, adult and embryonic stem cells, autologous and heterologous stem cells, etc.
  • Stem cell therapy: beneficial effects, limits and risks, procedures, etc.
  • Stem cell therapies to make new heart cells to reverse cardiac disease, promote new tooth formation, form new eye cells to reverse eye pathologies including blindness in mice, young bone stem cells to improve bone healing and reverse osteoporosis, stem cells to transform into beta-cells of Langerhans to reverse type 1 diabetes, stem cells to make new nerve cells to reverse neurodegenerative diseases or Down syndrome, etc.


Gain basic insight into which type of stem cell therapy may help reverse specific organ damage. Crucial information for physicians who advise patients on the potential and adequacy of stem cell therapies.




  1. Stem cells What, history, adult and embryonic stem cells Thierry Hertoghe, John Dunphy
  2. Stem cell therapies Heart, tooth, eye, neurodegenerative diseases,diabetes part 1 Hertoghe, John Dunphy
  3. Stem cell therapies Bone, Down syndrome diseases, diabetes part 3 Hertoghe, John Dunphy


Repopulate aging organs with new, young cells

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