Nutritional & Hormone Therapy Workshop 1

Practical cases of patients with hormone dysfunctions and nutritional deficiencies and who received adequate treatment:

  • Medical history, symptoms and physical signs, laboratory tests, hormone therapies, follow-up.
  • Cases with allergies, muscle stiffness, fatigue, low-stress resistance, memory loss, Hashimoto’s diseases, massive obesity, total hair loss.


Gain useful practical experience in hormone therapy. Important practical information for physicians who treat with hormone therapies.




  1. Patient with Allergies by Dr Thérèse Hertoghe
  2. Patient with Muscle stiffness by Dr Thérèse Hertoghe
  3. Practical cases of hormone therapy Thérèse Hertoghe
  4. Patient with Exhaustion, low-stress resistance
  5. Patient with CFS, insomnia, memory loss
  6. Five hormone therapy cases
  7. Patient with CFS by Dr Marie François
  8. Patient with Alopecia totalis presented by Dr Marie François
  9. Child with massive obesity by Dr Marie François
  10. Hashimoto’s Disease in Pregnancy Dominique Carly


Practice hormone therapy with patient cases presenting hormone and nutritional deficiencies

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