Nutritional & Hormone Therapy Workshop 2

Administering hormone and nutritional therapies:

  • Practical cases of patients with hormone dysfunctions and nutritional deficiencies and who received adequate treatment:
    • Medical history, symptoms and physical signs, laboratory tests, hormone therapies, follow-up
    • Cases with memory loss, male pattern baldness, back pain, sexual dysfunction.
  • On-stage consultations of people from the audience.
  • Sessions of hands-on training with audience members who learn to diagnose hormone deficiencies and propose treatments.


Gain more useful, practical experience. Important practical information for physicians who treat with hormone therapies.




  1. Patients with memory loss practical hormone therapies by Dr Thierry Hertoghe
  2. Adult w alopecia androgenica, backpain, Child w obesity by Dr Brian Huong
  3. Patients 4 cases of sexual dysfunction hormone treatments by Dr Thierry Hertoghe
  4. Patient Life consultations 4 female cases with Dr Thierry Hertoghe
  5. On stage consultations with Dr Thierry Hertoghe
  6. Additional on stage consultations with Dr Thierry Hertoghe
  7. Intensive hands on training Patient A info physical exam
  8. Intensive hands on training Patient A nutritional lab tests
  9. Intensive hands on training Patient A treatment
  10. Additional hands on training
  11. Famous people with physical signs of hormone deficiencies


Practice further with patient cases, on-stage consultations, hands-on training

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