Neurological Diseases: Hormone Therapies

Extensive information on hormone therapy use in treating or alleviating neurological disorders such as memory loss, brain injury, paralysis, paresias, paresthesias, macular degeneration, neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic sclerosis lateralis.

  • Information on each neurological disorder.
  • The similarities in symptoms and physical signs of these disorders with signs and symptoms of deficiencies in growth hormone, oxytocin, melatonin, thyroid, IGF-1, cortisol, pregnenolone, DHEA, aldosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and/or testosterone.
  • The scientific studies showing that deficiencies in these hormones increases the incidence of a neurological disorder or aggravates its severity
  • At the end of each presentation one or more tables with overviews of the major hormone therapies that may reduce the risk or severity of the disease are presented: Products, doses, best route of administration, potency of each hormone therapy in reversing the neurological disorder and whenever possible the time necessary before improvement is achieved.


Overview and detailed information on which hormone therapies may successfully reduce the incidence or severity or even cure a neurological disorder and which treatments have the greatest efficacy. Useful information for physicians who are ready to make a step forward and help treat neurological disorders with hormone therapy.




  1. Brain injury Hormone therapies
  2. Hormone treatments of memory loss
  3. Hormone treatments of paralysis, paresis
  4. Hormone treatments of paresthesias
  5. Neurodegenerative diseases
  6. Hormone treatments of neurodegenerative diseases Alzh Parkinson MS ALS
  7. Hormone treatment of macular degeneration


The hormone therapies that may help prevent, relief or even cure neurological diseases

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