Melatonin Therapy

All about melatonin deficiency and treatment:

  • The impact of melatonin deficiency on health and its stimulating influence on age-related disease.
  • Symptoms, physical signs (with pictures of patients) and laboratory tests of melatonin deficiency.
  • Studies showing melatonin deficiency with levels within the normal reference range.
  • Melatonin therapy: doses, route of administration, excess signs, side effects, safety guidelines, follow-up.
  • How the Belgian law forbidding melatonin was cancelled by a court trial.
  • Studies on the protective effect of sleep on cancer development.


Gain insight into how to efficiently treat melatonin deficiency with melatonin therapy. Useful information for physicians who help patients to sleep better and reduce premature aging.




  1. Melatonin deficiency and treatment
  2. Melatonin deficienicies with lab tests with reference ranges
  3. Cancellation of the Belgian law forbidding melatonin
  4. Melatonin latest studies Ascanio Polimeni
  5. Critical studies on cancer and sleep M. Hill-T.Hertoghe


The A-to-Z on melatonin deficiency and therapy

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