Pituitary-Pineal-Adrenal-Pancreatic Excess: Therapies

The video provides useful information on hormone excess caused by an excessive production inside the body or an overtreatment in growth hormone, prolactin, ACTH, MSH, vasopressin melatonin, thymus hormones, cortisol, aldosterone, insulin, glucagon and EPO, and their treatment:

  • The impact of these excesses on health.
  • Clear information on acromegaly, prolactinoma, Cushing’s syndrome and disease, aldosteronism, insulinoma, glucagonoma and various treatment excesses in the corresponding hormones as well as in oxytocin, MSH and vasopressin, thymus hormones and EPO.
  • Symptoms, physical signs (with pictures) and laboratory tests of these excesses.
  • Therapies of these excesses: Products, doses, best route of administration, side effects, safety guidelines, how to follow up.


Gain insight into how to efficiently treat hormone excesses, in particular from endogenous origin. Useful information for advanced physicians who treat disorders of hormone excess.




  1. Introduction to Hormone excess seminar 1
  2. Comparison between hormone deficiency and excess
  3. Physical exam of endocrine excess
  4. Acromegaly
  5. Prolactinoma and hyperprolactinemia
  6. ACTH excess
  7. MSH excess
  8. Vasopressin excess
  9. Oxytocin excess
  10. Melatonin excess
  11. Thymus hormone therapies – overdoses
  12. Cushing syndrome and disease
  13. Aldosterone excess Aldosteronism
  14. Insulinoma
  15. Insulin resistance
  16. Glucagon excess Glucagonoma
  17. EPO excess


The untold dangers and risks of hormone excess

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