Thymus Hormone & Extract therapies

All about the various thymus hormones and their use in therapy to improve health:

  • The impact of deficiencies in these hormones on the development of disease, including allergies, inflammatory diseases, immune depression, viral hepatitis, cancer, skin disorders.
  • Symptoms, physical signs (with pictures) and laboratory tests of these deficiencies.
  • Studies showing the efficacy of thymus hormones, in particular thymosin-alpha-1 and thymus extracts, in immune depression and inflammatory states such as hepatitis B and C, and many other disorders.
  • Thymus therapies: Products, doses, best route of administration, excess signs, side effects, safety guidelines, how to follow up.


Gain insight into how to efficiently treat with thymosin-alpha-1, thymus extracts and other thymus hormones. Useful information for physicians who treat multiple allergies, chronic infectious states, viral hepatitis, or possibly cancers in patients.




  1. Thymosine and other thymus hormone therapies part 1
  2. Thymus hormone therapies and thymus extract therapies part 2


How to boost the immune system by the potent immune-stimulating thymus hormones

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