All about deficiencies in the anterior pituitary gland hormones LH and FSH, as well as deficiencies in the hypothalamic releasing hormones TRH (Thyroid Releasing Hormone), GHRH (Growth hormone RH), CRH (Corticotrope RH), LHRH (Luteinizing RH), and the use of these hormones or their synthetic derivatives for treatment, including information on how to use antagonists of LHRH:

  • The impact of these deficiencies on health and their influence on disease.
  • Symptoms, physical signs and tests of these deficiencies.
  • Studies showing the efficacy of these hormones in reversing various dysfunctions and diseases.
  • Occasional or less frequently continuous treatment with these hormones: Products, doses, route of administration, excess signs, side effects, safety guidelines, follow-up.


Gain insight into how to efficiently treat with TRH, GHRH, CRH, LHRH, LH-FSH or antagonists of them occasionally for diagnosis or more permanently for treatment of a disease. Useful information for physicians who are more advanced in hormone therapy.




  1. TRH therapy
  2. GHRH therapy Charlotte Godefroit
  3. CRH therapy Charlotte Godefroit
  4. LHRH therapy -antagonists Synth. LHLH therapy Dominique Carly
  5. LH excess Synthetic FSH Clomiphen therapy Dominique Carly


The peptides that regulate the pituitary and peripheral endocrine glands

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