Cycle 2 – Module 6 – Lecture 2 – Hormone Therapies that improve a Man’s Erectile function & related disorders (2h10)

This important video lecture offer precious insight in the treatment of sexual disorders in men by correcting hormone deficiencies with hormone supplements, possibly the main and best treatments of sexual disorders.

An increased mortality and many diseases associated with erectile dysfunction: obesity, diabetes, arterial hypertension, prostate cancer, etc. these diseases may be due to underlying hormone deficiencies that both increase the risk of disease and erectile dysfunction.

The probably most potent hormone therapy to improve erectile function in men is MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone), especially through synthetic derivatives, such as melanotan 2 and bremelanotide. These two MSH derivatives improve all aspects of erectile function. Testosterone, particularly through conversion into dihydrotestosterone, improves sexual sensitivity, the frequency of erections, and the morning erections. Growth hormone and IGF-1 increase the volume, hardness, and duration of erections. DHEA has a more global and more moderate action on erection, but that may come up more potently after 4-5 months. Vasopressin has an action in the hardness of erections.

In men, the 3 major hormone therapies that increase the frequency and intensity of ejaculation are oxytocin and dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone too, but probably by converting into dihydrotestosterone.

To increase spermatogenesis and fertility in men, thyroid and growth hormone are very useful. Testosterone at supraphysiological doses inhibits and at physiological doses may increase sperm formation and fertility. Progesterone can increase the number of mobile spermatozoa. Oxytocin increases the number of spermatozoids in the first ejaculate.

The hormone excesses that may reduce erectile function and fertility in men are estradiol excess and hyperthyroidism.


Content is one video of 2h10, a PDF presentation file, a PDF references on:

  • Diseases associated with erectile dysfunction
  • The 5 major types of hormone therapies that improve erectile function in men
    • MSH
    • Testosterone, dihydrotestosterone
    • Growth hormone, IGF-1
    • DHEA
    • Vasopressin
  • The 3 major hormone therapies that may increase orgasm, ejaculation I men
    • Oxytocin
    • Dihydrotestosterone
    • Testosterone
  • The 5-6 major hormone therapies that may increase male fertility (spermatogenesis, …) in men
    • Thyroid
    • Growth hormone
    • IGF-1
    • Testosterone at low doses
    • Oxytocin
    • (Progesterone)
  • The hormone excesses that may reduce erectile function and fertility in men: estradiol excess, hyperthyroidism
  • The scientific studies
  • Practical tips, doses


Educational outcome:
Transmission of knowledge on which hormone deficiencies may facilitate or even cause sexual disorders in men, and how hormone supplementations may restore sexual function.


Learning outcomes:

  • The physician should have learned to detect the hormone deficit(s) that cause or increase sexual dysfunction in men.
  • The physician should have learned to differentiate clinically (symptomatically) which hormone deficiency is behind male sexual dysfunction by recognizing other signs of symptoms of the causative hormone deficiency.
  • The physician should have learned how to treat the hormone deficiency and even have become able to finetune the doses to the needs and degree of sexual dysfunction of the male patient.
  • The physician should have learned more about the scientific studies that support this information, including double-blind placebo-controlled trials.


This course includes 1 video, 1 PDF presentation, 1 PDF with references, and 1 quiz.

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In this 2h10 lesson, discover how probably the most potent hormone therapy to improve erectile function in men is MSH.

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