Cycle 2 – Module 6 – Lecture 5 – Patient cases (1h30)


This session permits to apply the knowledge learned in the other sessions of the module with hormone treatments.

This session helps the physician to apply his knowledge and acquire experience in diagnosing hormone deficiencies associated with sexual disorders or oxytocin deficiency based on medical history, symptoms, signs and laboratory tests. The physician also increases his know-how and competence in selecting the adequate hormone supplementations for his or her patient. Patient cases are a must for the module as they provide the most practical information on how to apply well the theory and recommendations proposed in the previous sessions.

Content is one video of 1h30 and a PDF presentation file on:

  • Several patient cases with sexual disorders or oxytocin deficiency are presented with their pictures, medical history, physical examination, laboratory tests, and hormone treatments

Educational outcome:

Transmission of knowledge on how to diagnose the hormone deficiencies that may be behind sexual disorders or oxytocin deficiency and prescribe the appropriate hormone supplements in patients


Learning outcomes:

  • The physician should have become aware on how to put all the information on sexual disorders or oxytocin deficiency and hormone therapies contained in this module into practice.
  • The physician should have learned how to adjust his or her hormone therapy expertise to the real needs of patients and have become able to overcome pitfalls in the hormone therapy as practice differs from theory.
  • The physician should have learned how to differentiate clinically (symptomatically) which hormone deficiency is behind sexual disorders by recognizing other signs of symptoms, of the causative hormone deficiency in the patient and by laboratory tests.
  • The physician should have acquired additional experience on how to deal with sexual disorders or oxytocin deficiency successfully with hormone supplements in hormone-deficient patients.

This course includes 1 video and 1 PDF presentation.

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In this 1h30 lesson, you will discover how to effectively apply the knowledge acquired in previous sessions of the module to hormone treatments.

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