Postgraduate e-learning – Cycle 2 | Dr Hertoghe

This postgraduate program is the 2nd cycle of the “Evidence-based Hormone Therapies” EBHT training and consists of monthly online sessions during which Dr Hertoghe and his MDS & physicians’ colleagues will provide exclusive medical education in hormone therapies.


  • Module 1 Hormone consultation: Medical history, physical examination, treatment, follow-up, solving problems, etc.
  • Module 2 Cortisol – DHEA – Aldosterone – Pregnenolone supplementation
  • Module 3 Growth Hormone and IGF-1 supplementation
  • Module 4 Psychological & psychiatric disorders: Anxiety – Depression – Low-stress resistance – psychosis, etc.: Hormone therapies
  • Module 5 Longevity: Hormone therapies
  • Module 6 Cardio-& cerebrovascular disorders: Lipid disorder – Cardiac disease – Stroke, etc.
  • Module 7 Sexuality in men & women; Oxytocin supplementation
  • Module 8 Obesity: Hormone therapies

In summary, the program will give you access to:

  • Webinars (online live conferences, case studies, live consultations) + Pre-recorded courses (available online and on-demand)
  • Courses taught in English/we are working on subtitles in Spanish (currently 1 to 3 are entirely subtitled in Spanish)
  • PDF handouts
  • Theoretical courses
  • Practical courses
  • Multiple choice quizzes at the end of every module (to assess understanding)
  • Possible certification

Dr Hertoghe Medical School brands the whole program.

For more information and/or query, you are welcome to send an e-mail to


    • online video course
    • available 24/7 in your private account
    • view or download slides
    • auto enrollment
    • one time fee
    • secure payment
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