Postgraduate e-learning – Cycle 2

This program the 2nd cycle of the “Evidence-based Hormone Therapies” training and will consist of monthly online sessions during which Dr. Hertoghe and his colleagues will provide exclusive medical education in hormone therapies. The program will start in October 2021.


  • Module 1 Hormone consultation: Medical history, physical examination, treatment, follow-up, solving problems, etc.
  • Module 2 Cortisol – DHEA – Aldosterone – Pregnenolone supplementation
  • Module 3 Growth Hormone and IGF-1 supplementation
  • Module 4 Psychological & psychiatric disorders: Anxiety – Depression – Low-stress resistance – psychosis, etc.: Hormone therapies
  • Module 5 Longevity: Hormone therapies
  • Module 6 Cardio-& cerebrovascular disorders: Lipid disorder – Cardiac disease – Stroke, etc.
  • Module 7 Sexuality in men & women; Oxytocin supplementation
  • Module 8 Obesity: Hormone therapies

In summary, the program will give you access to:

  • Webinars (online live conferences, case studies, live consultations) + Pre-recorded courses (available online and on-demand)
  • Courses taught in English/we are working on subtitles in Spanish (currently 1-2 are entirely subtitled)
  • PDF handouts
  • Theoretical courses
  • Practical courses
  • Multiple choice quizzes at the end of every module (to assess understanding)
  • Possible certification

The whole program will be branded by Dr. Hertoghe Medical School.


    • online video course
    • available 24/7 in your private account
    • view or download slides
    • auto enrollment
    • one time fee
    • secure payment
  • Reference: EBHT_cycle2.