Module 8 – Testosterone Supplementation in Men

The eigth module on testosterone supplementation in men consists of 4 courses and 9h45 of videos.
Each of the four courses is available for life, including 1 video lecture, 1 PDF learning support, and 1 scientific reference file.
Spanish subtitles are included / Subtítulos en español disponibles para estos cursos.


Each course can be purchased individually by clicking on the titles below.

    1. Testosterone deficiency in men: diagnosis and nutritional treatment (2h19)
      You will learn everything on :

      • Androgen deficiency signs and symptoms
      • Lab tests and their interpretation
      • Testosterone deficits with lab tests within the normal range
      • Dietary and lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplements that improve testosterone levels.
    2. Testosterone deficiency in men: Treatments (3h38)
      You will learn everything on :

      • Testosterone treatments: oral, transdermal, intramuscular
      • Bio-identical testosterone versus anabolic steroids: indications and contraindications
      • Placebo-controlled trials
    3. Adjustments of testosterone therapy to disease in men (2h55)
      You will learn everything on :

      • Associations of testosterone deficiency with age-related diseases
      • Therapy adjustments to disease: acute and chronic stress, old age, delayed puberty, testosterone hypersensitivity, depression, anxiety disorders, adrenal deficiency, cardiac disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer, etc.
    4. Genital cancers and male hormones in men: Management, scientific facts – Pr. Morgentaler (53 mins)
      You will learn everything on :

      • Prostate cancers and male hormones: Overview of the scientific literature
      • Men after prostate cancer: can we treat them with testosterone? And if so, how (doses, type of treatment)?
      • Men after testicular cancer: can we treat them with testosterone? And if so, how (doses, type of treatment)?

Explore an overview of the course in the video below


The eighth module consists of 4 lectures (9h45) that detail the diagnosis, nutritional and hormonal treatment options for testosterone deficiency in men, along with scientific insights into genital cancers. Spanish subtitles are available for these courses.

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