Cycle 2 – Module 1 – Extra Learning Material “Patient and colleagues questions”

This PDF presentation provides information on frequent questions from patients and on controversial issues in hormone therapy and how to respond to them.


Accurate and useful scientific data is provided on the following issues:

+ How quickly do improvements appear with each hormone treatment?
+ Do hormone treatments suppress the activity of the endocrine gland?
+ Do hormone therapies cause cancer?
+ Why are so many hormone & nutritional supplements to take?
+ Why is this hormone treatment so expensive?
+ Why do other doctors say that desiccated thyroid is an old-fashioned product?
+ Is there scientific evidence to support hormone treatments?
+ Why do many physicians disagree with hormone treatments?
+ How do avoid patients going to other doctors for second advice as soon as they have a problem with the treatment?
+ How do motivate patients to take a route of administration they are reluctant to?
+ How to motivate noncompliant patients who show no discipline to take treatment?
+ How do motivate patients to change their diet to a more adequate Paleolithic diet?
+ Legally: How to secure yourself from troubles with colleagues and patients? Including informed consent forms, custom attests, etc.

This course is composed of 1 PDF presentation.

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