Cycle 2 – Module 1 – Lecture 5 – Hormone treatments (part 1)

This indispensable video session has all the information necessary for physicians to do the 2nd consultation where lab test protocols are read and hormone treatments prescribed.

+ Practical tips and information on the frequency of hormone deficiencies, hormone deficits with lab test within reference range, safety and efficacy of hormone treatments, importance of a good diet and multiple hormone treatments, best routes of administration

+ For each of the following hormone deficiencies of melatonin, adult growth hormone, thyroid, cortisol, DHEA, aldosterone, pregnenolone, and low doses of insulin for thin non-diabetic patients, all the practical information physicians need to know to treat these deficiencies with the appropriate hormone supplements is provided.

+ The information for each hormone treatment consists of what is the most valuable for the physician: the indications and possible contraindications for hormone supplementation, best routes of administration and their physiological dose range, how to start, dose adjustments to special needs, speed of first beneficial effects

+ Copies of patient and physician treatment instruction sheets are provided for the main hormone treatments

This course is composed of: 1 video and 1 PDF presentation.

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