Cycle 2 – Module 1 – Lecture 6 – Hormone treatments (part 2) (2h20)

Together with the previous video, this essential video session has all the information necessary for physicians to accomplish the 2nd consultation and prescribe the hormone treatments

+ For each of the following 12 hormone deficiencies of melatonin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone in men, testosterone in women, IGF-1, MSH, ACTH, parathormone, calcitonin, EPO, 7-keto-DHEA, and androstenedione, all the practical information physicians need to know to treat these deficiencies with the appropriate hormone supplements is provided.

+ The information for each hormone treatment consists of what is the most valuable for the physician: the indications and possible contraindications for hormone supplementation, best routes of administration and their physiological dose range, how to start, dose adjustments to special needs, speed of first beneficial effects, etc.

+ Copies of patient and physician treatment instruction sheets are provided for the main hormone treatments

This course is composed of 1 video and 1 PDF presentation.

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