Cycle 2 – Module 2 – Lecture 2 – Cortisol Treatment (2h22)

+ In this indispensable session, the beneficial actions of cortisol on energy, blood pressure, and inflammation are reviewed.

+ Then, lifestyle (sun, light, meditation) and dietary adjustments (the right foods and drinks) that patients can introduce to optimize cortisol levels are reviewed with the scientific data.

+ Also, the scientific evidence has been reviewed that shows how supplements of other hormones can increase or decrease cortisol levels, making physicians able to prevent these imbalances in cortisol levels and activity when using these other hormone supplements.

+ The indications for glucocorticoid treatment are explained.

+ Glucocorticoid treatments: the crucial data on bioidentical hydrocortisone and non-bio-identical glucocorticoids is exposed: best products, routes and the best time of administration, various treatment tips

+ Cortisol overdose signs are reviewed.

+ In this session, how to adjust the type and dose of glucocorticoids to stress and disease is explained for fatigue, stress, burnout, obesity, flu, sepsis, inflammatory disease, gastritis, gastric ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, allergies, pain, cancer, myocardial infarction, fertility, diabetes, osteopenia, body hair overgrowth, hyperthyroidism.

+ Tips on how to overcome drops in the cortisol level when taking DHEA, aldosterone/fludrocortisone, and growth hormone are also provided.

This course is composed of 1 video, 1 PDF presentation, 1 PDF with the references, and 1 quiz.

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