Cycle 2 – Module 2 – Lecture 5 – Aldosterone and Pregnenolone (Part 1 and 2) (2h01)

Aldosterone supplementation

In this useful session:

+ The beneficial roles of aldosterone on water retention and maintenance of sufficient blood pressure and the age-related decline in aldosterone levels are explained.

+ The diagnosis of aldosterone deficiency relies on the presence of complaints of drowsiness, empty-headedness, need to lay down, hearing loss, etc.) and physical signs (such as low blood pressure, signs of dehydration, etc.) of aldosterone deficiency. Please notice that fludrocortisone can help patients in the intensive care unit survive. To confirm the diagnosis, a measurement of aldosterone in the 24-hour urine is very useful A measurement of aldosterone can be requested in the serum too but with less usefulness.

+ Sufficient salt, water, and activity are necessary for aldosterone-deficient patients to feel better.

+ Fludrocortisone and more rarely the bioidentical aldosterone are supplemented to correct aldosterone deficiency. In this session, the best routes and time of administration are examined. During follow-up, special care should be applied to avoid aldosterone overdose signs


Pregnenolone supplementation

This clear, information-rich session shows that pregnenolone is a precursor to all other adrenal cortex and sex hormones. Production sites, serum levels, and the age-related decline in pregnenolone are here discussed.

The diagnosis of pregnenolone deficiency relies on the presence of complaints (such as memory loss, lack of attention, …) and physical signs (which are mainly due to the lack of other hormones derived from pregnenolone, such as low blood pressure due to a lack of cortisol and dry skin and weak muscles due to a lack of DHEA and testosterone). Low pregnenolone levels have been found in various diseases, such as attention deficit disorder, anxiety disorders, pain syndromes, and Alzheimer’s disease. To confirm the diagnosis, laboratory tests can be requested particularly in the serum, but also by measurement of pregnenolone’s metabolite pregnanetriol in the 24-hour urine.

Pregnenolone supplementation can improve memory loss by various mechanisms, including increased levels of acetylcholine, but they are several other mechanisms of importance. Pregnenolone can be supplemented to correct pregnenolone deficiency. The best doses, routes, and times of administration for pregnenolone are here provided.


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