Cycle 2 – Module 2 – Lecture 5 – Aldosterone and Pregnenolone (Part 1 and 2) (2h01)

Aldosterone supplementation

  • Explore the vital roles of aldosterone in water retention and maintaining optimal blood pressure, alongside its decline with age.
  • Diagnosing aldosterone deficiency relies on recognizing symptoms like drowsiness, mental fog, and the need to lie down, coupled with physical signs such as low blood pressure and dehydration. Notably, fludrocortisone can be a lifeline for intensive care patients. Confirming diagnosis often involves measuring aldosterone levels in 24-hour urine samples, though serum measurements offer limited utility.
  • Optimal management of aldosterone deficiency requires adequate salt, water, and activity levels. Treatment typically involves supplementing with fludrocortisone, or less commonly, bioidentical aldosterone. This session examines the best routes and timing for administration, with a reminder to closely monitor for signs of aldosterone overdose during follow-up.

Pregnenolone Supplementation:

  • Discover the pivotal role of pregnenolone as a precursor to adrenal cortex and sex hormones, alongside its production sites, serum levels, and age-related decline.
  • Diagnosis of pregnenolone deficiency hinges on recognizing symptoms like memory loss and lack of attention, as well as physical signs resulting from downstream hormone deficiencies. Low pregnenolone levels have been associated with various conditions including attention deficit disorder, anxiety disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease. Confirming diagnosis often involves laboratory tests, particularly serum measurements and analysis of pregnenolone metabolites in 24-hour urine samples.
  • Pregnenolone supplementation holds promise in addressing memory loss through multiple mechanisms, including increased levels of acetylcholine. This session provides guidance on optimal dosing, routes, and timing of administration to correct deficiencies effectively.

This course includes 1 video, 1 PDF presentation, 1 PDF with references, and 1 quiz.

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In this 2h01 lecture, delve into the crucial roles of aldosterone and pregnenolone, alongside optimal routes and timing for their administration.

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