Cycle 2 – Module 3 – Lecture 1 : Growth hormone deficiency (2h02)

This amazing video presents facts on the importance of GH not only for the adult body but also for the adult mind.

Information is given on the daily GH production and the crucial stimulation by GH of the production of IGF-1, which exerts many of GH’s effects. The daily production of GH declines quickly with aging, suggesting a high frequency of GH deficiency in adults over age 30-35.

The diagnosis of GH deficiency is based on:
+ questionnaires and an interview that examine the patient’s antecedents, psychological and physical complaints, the presence of adverse factors, events, and diseases that can be facilitated by GH deficiency.
+ Laboratory tests
+ Therapeutic trial.

Extensive and fascinating information is given on the physical signs of GH deficiency in adults: signs of premature aging, including tissue atrophy, skin and muscle sagging, fat accumulation at all levels of the body: scalp hair, face, trunk, abdomen, limbs, including hands and feet, joints, etc.

A short review of the scientific studies that show various diseases to be associated with low IGF-1 levels is discussed.

Special attention is provided on which laboratory tests to request: serum (particularly serum IGF-1 and IGFBP-3), 24-hour urine (GH), and how to interpret them with an overview of studies showing low serum IGF-1 levels within the reference range to be associated with various diseases and higher mortality.


This course includes 1 video, 1 PDF presentation, 1 PDF with references, and 1 quiz.

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In this 2h02 lecture, discover the importance of growth hormone (GH) not only for the adult body but also for the adult mind.

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