Cycle 2 – Module 3 – Lecture 3: IGF-1 deficiency: diagnosis & treatment

Adult IGF-1 supplementation

In this instructive session, fundamental information on IGF-1 is provided: structure, its major importance, actions, including its potential to reverse aging, production, serum levels, and the age-related decline in IGF-1 levels.
The differences between childhood and adult IGF-1 deficiencies are shown, as well as between the beneficial effects of GH and IGF-1.

The diagnosis of IGF-1 deficiency is based on questionnaires and an interview on personal antecedents and psychological and physical complaints, the presence of adverse factors, events, and diseases that can be facilitated by IGF-1 deficiency, laboratory tests, and a therapeutic trial.
Scientific studies show that a variety of diseases and higher mortality are associated with a decline in serum IGF-1 levels.
The laboratory tests that should be requested to confirm the diagnosis are discussed taking into account that many low serum IGF-1 levels within the reference range are associated with the disease.
IGF-1 deficiency can be treated in some younger adults by providing GH, but in older adults, IGF-1 itself should be provided. The indications for IGF-1 treatment, doses, products, routes and time of administration, storage, legality, dose adjustments for specific medical conditions, and overdose signs, are explained in this session.
To further optimize the skills of physicians in IGF-1 treatment, how and which other hormone supplements may increase IGF-1 levels or effects are explained. These explanations include information on the synergy between GH and IGF-1. A good review of the diseases that have been shown to respond positively to IGF-1 treatment is exposed to the scientific references of these trials.


Long-acting IGF-1, MGF (mechano growth factor) in adults
Long-acting IGF-1 and (pegylated) MGF are compared with IGF-1. Doses and routes of administration are explained.
The beneficial effects of long-acting IGF-1 and MGF on disease, their safety, presence on the WADA doping list, and other information are examined here.


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