Cycle 2 – Module 5 – Lecture 2 – Diet, Foods and Drinks to live longer (3h51)

This precious lecture provides the scientific data and useful practical tips on how to improve lifestyle and diet to live longer. Diets that may increase the human lifespan are amongst other the low-calorie diet, intermittent fasting, the Paleolithic diet, the Mediterranean diet, the Okinawa diet, the ketogenic diet, possibly but not for sure the  vegetarian and vegan diets, etc. Diets that may shorten lifespan are the western diet, junk foods, etc.


Pollutants that shorten lifespan (small particle pollution, car exhausts, heavy metals, pesticides, sick building syndrome, electromagnetic pollution, etc.) are reviewed and what to do about it.

Practical tips, doses, etc. are provided in this lecture


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